HOW DO I BOOK A PARTY? The best way to book a party is to go online and request a date and time – the event coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.
Note: if don’t receive a response within 24 hours, check your SPAM folder and if still no response, submit another request or call the facility and they will contact the event coordinator for you. The Facility will not be able to take a booking for you but they will ensure that your information gets to the event coordinator promptly.
Here is the link for the request form.
WHAT DAYS AND TIMES CAN I BOOK PARTIES? You may schedule a party any day during normal opening hours. During the School year:
Wednesday - Thursday 3:30 - 7:30; Friday 12:00-8:00; Saturday 10:00-8:00; Sunday 11:00-7:00.
We can schedule on the hour or half hour.
HOW LONG IS THE PARTY? Parties are all 2 hours. The format of the party is to check-in at the start time of the party and head straight to the gym floor for open play. Then go into the party room for approximately 30 minutes. This will vary on the excitement of the kids wanting to go back out to play, but we do guarantee you at least 30 minutes.

Once the kids have gone back out to the floor the host will clean up the room, boxing up any of your remaining items and storing them for you, if needed. Admissions and parties are based on wristband colors, so at the end of the 2 hours the front desk will announce that certain wristband color has expired.
HOW MANY GUESTS ARE INCLUDED? The Standard party package includes up to 15 kids. You may have additional kids attend at a rate of $15 each.
IS THE PARTY PRIVATE? The party is not private. However, arrangements can be made to customize your party, we can offer private parties upon request but times are limited.
HOW MANY GUESTS CAN I INVITE? We can easily accommodate up to 30 kids per party in one area, however, if you have more than 30 then a 2nd party area would be needed. We can accommodate this if there is sufficient notice and the area is available. An additional fee may be required. The Event Coordinator will discuss this with you at the time of booking.
ARE CHILDREN UNDER 2 INCLUDED? Any child participating in the party age 2 and over are counted as guests. If you have children under 2 we do not charge for them but they are not included in the table set up.
ARE SIBLINGS WELCOME? Yes, you may invite siblings. Any child participating in the party will be counted and the table set up accordingly. If you do not wish to pay for siblings, the parents may purchase a general admission for them. They are welcome to play on the floor but will not be included in the party table set up. They may come into the party area, they may even enjoy a slice of cake along with the parents, but they will not have a place setting, etc.
DO I NEED TO PAY FOR ADULTS? No, adults are not counted in the party. However, we do encourage adults to join in the fun or assist their kids on the obstacles at no charge. A waiver is required for anyone assisting the kids or are on the obstacles. As adults are not counted in the party, we do not set up the tables for adult seating. We do have plenty of standing room inside the party area but do ask that you limit the number of adults to avoid overcrowding.
CAN I BRING IN OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS? If you would like to order pizza, we have a vendor that we order through. You may not bring in any restaurant/homemade foods unless it is authorized by your party coordinator. Dietary restrictions will be considered. You may bring in cake, dessert, ice-cream, and snacks such as chips, popcorn, fruit or veggie plates.
Drinks must be in individual serving sizes unless you bring your own cups. No glass containers are allowed.
Pizza is $15 each and will typically feed 5-6 kids each. Each pizza is single topping but additional toppings can be added at $1 each.
WILL I HAVE A HOST FOR THE PARTY AND TO ASSIST THE KIDS ON THE FLOOR? You will have a party host that will set up the room, serve food and drinks, and clean up. The party host does not assist on the floor. We have coaches stationed around the facility to assist all the kids, however, if you would like your own personal Ninja Coach one may be added to your party. The cost for a Personal Ninja Coach is $100 for the first hour.
WHEN DO I NEED TO ORDER THE PIZZA? The party coordinator will send out a follow up email a few days prior to your scheduled party and will ask at that time if you would like to order pizza.
IS THERE A DEPOSIT AND IS IT REFUNDABLE? The deposit is $100 and is nonrefundable. If you need to change the date or time, we can reschedule. It is subject to availability and the deposit will be credited but a minimum of 72 hours is required. If there is an emergency such as weather related or illness, we will reschedule your party and apply the deposit.
CAN I BRING MY OWN PARTY FAVORS? Yes, you may bring in your own party favors, but we also have them onsite for sale for your convenience should you need them. If you bring your own party favors, please refrain from any noise makers, plastic swords, gum, or glitter. Party favors may be ordered through the event coordinator or through your host on the day of the party (subject to availability).
DOES THE BIRTHDAY CHILD RECEIVE A GIFT? Yes, the birthday child receives an OWK Logo t-shirt. Only one t-shirt is offered per package. However, if you have joint parties such as twins, you may purchase an additional shirt at $12.95.
ARE THE GUESTS ALLOWED TO STAY LONGER AFTER THE PARTY HAS ENDED? The party includes admission for 2 hours. If you would like to add on additional play time, arrangements can be made with the event coordinator and a fee will apply.
DO YOU PROVIDE TABLE DÉCOR? Yes, we will provide the tablecloths, plates, napkins, and utensils. We provide balloons for the table (balloons are for decoration only and may not leave the party area for environmental reasons).
DO YOU OFFER THEMED PARTIES? We do not have themed tableware. However, you are welcome to bring in your own and your party host will be happy to set everything up for you.
HOW EARLY CAN I ARRIVE TO SET UP? We recommend no earlier than 10-15 minutes prior to start time. The party host will set up your party area, and if the tables are not available to you when you arrive the host will store your items until the area is ready and available.
CAN WE OPEN PRESENTS AT THE PARTY? Yes, you are welcome to open presents during your allotted 30 minutes in the party room but this will take away play time so we recommend that you take presents home and continue the celebration. The party host will bag up all of the gifts so you may easily get them to your car.
WHAT INFORMATION DO I NEED TO INCLUDE ON MY INVITATIONS? We encourage you to offer your guests a link to the online waiver so they may complete the is ahead of time. It would be very helpful to advise them to wear closed toed athletic shoes.